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Something’s Changed.

2 Jun

Something Changed” by Pulp is one of those songs that I kinda love and I kinda hate.  When I’m down, the lyrics seem so profound and when I’m happy, it’s completely inane.  It’s just so earnest and I hate earnestness for the most part.

So why am I posting it, you might ask?  You’d ask that because you’re a very intelligent person.  Well, I would answer, there are several reasons:

•  I’m a little down.

•  I’m envious of the very earnestness I condemn.

•  I am obsessively thinking about fate and chance and decisions and change and so is Pulp!  (Of course this isn’t the first time I’ve spoken of change in these here parts.  Remember Neil Young?)

•  It’s really pretty catchy!

And in the short time it will take you to read this, download and listen, something’s already changed.  Just ponder that for a moment.