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My lunch with Steve Earle

5 Jan

Some years ago, I was sitting outside having lunch at Five Points on Great Jones Street with a friend of mine from Texas.  He was telling me that Steve Earle was in the process of breaking up with one of his wives or girlfriends and was “taking up” with Allison Moorer, who later became Wife #7.  It was, at the time, top secret information.  Mid-story, we noticed that Steve and Allison were maybe 2 feet away, at the table right behind us!

My friend started freaking out because he was sure they heard us and then of course immediately needed to share this predicament via text message with the person who actually had given him the dirt.  But he couldn’t text!  His Blackberry and my Blackberry somehow locked into each other’s bluetooth signals and neither of us could use our phones.  At all.  It was so sad.  We had to spend the rest of the lunch just talking to each other about our own lives and trying not to stare at Steve Earle.

You can see why this memory is so vivid.  I just thought you should know.

Oh wait!  “I Thought You Should Know” is also the name of one of my top favorite-favorite Steve Earle songs.  So weird!

If you download it here, you will always think of this engaging story every time you hear it – which I hope will be often, because it’s a real beauty.