Happy September!

1 Sep

What’s worse:  the fact that I haven’t updated this in eons or the fact that I’m posting a really obvious, albeit fabulous, song today?  The correct answer is neither.  I was very distracted by Irene and scads of other stuff, but today is September 1st (!) and I have just sharpened a box of Number 2 pencils; I’m ready to begin anew.

This morning, as I was walking to the subway, iPod shuffle intuitively picked “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire.  How crazy!  That song never comes on my iPod!  I’m not sure why it never cycles through my library.  I love Earth, Wind and Fire.  I also love that founder Maurice White, a Sagittarian, chose the name because he has only Earth, Wind and Fire in his astrological chart – no Water.   Gotta love astrology followers, especially when they’re also amazing singers, writers and producers.

Personally, I was always partial to Philip Bailey’s voice in the group.  (He’s the high one and Maurice is the low one.)  Plus he did that super cheesy but oh-so-wonderful duet with Phil Collins, “Easy Lover.”

But he’s a Tauran.  And I can’t like a Tauran over a Sadge.  So, Maurice White, congratulations!  You are officially my favorite member of Earth, Wind and Fire.


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