Chester & Lester

15 Aug

Even though it’s disgusting out today, I had a great big burst of sunshine when I got a bicentennial quarter in my change this morning.  If you know anything (or 25 things) about me, you’ll know that I collect bicentennial quarters and they are so rare these days, so when I get one it really is a cause for celebration.

Of course 1976 wasn’t just our nation’s bicentennial.  It was also the year that the brilliant Chet Atkins got the equally brilliant Les Paul out of retirement and the two recorded and released their collaboration, Chester and Lester.  Yes, it’s brilliant.  Actually beyond brilliant.  It would be impossible not to be as they’re two of the most influential and expressive guitarists ever.  There is almost no overdubbing on the album, which kind of blows my mind every time I hear it.

Chet’s twangy country mixed with Les’ jazzy sound are so different, yet work perfectly together.  Plus, their studio banter all over the album, which I adore.  It really is one of those records that everyone should own.  It’s that important.

I couldn’t decide which track to post and as you should know by now, that’s good news because you get two to download.  Here are “It Had To Be You” and “Out of Nowhere.”  If you love them, feel free to thank me by sending me any and all bicentennial quarters you may have lying around.  They’ll have friends here.


2 Responses to “Chester & Lester”

  1. MRS August 15, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    Bless you. Plz gimme a quick shout out sometime?

  2. Chris "Vinyl" Volz August 17, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    What a great record by 2 of my all time favorite guitar players ever!
    I remember how excited I was when I bought the LP. I couldn’t get it home to fast enough to listen to it.

    P.S. I was looking through some old pictures the other night and found one of you in front of Crazy Rhythms Records(early 80’s???)wearing a pink tee shirt that said ” I owe….I owe….” You still wear it?

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