Your Summer Theme Song

21 Jul

Everyone was complaining about the heat today. And as I look at the 100 degree prediction for tomorrow, I’m guessing there will be even more complaints a-coming.

First thing this morning, I biked to Hot Yoga where I too complained about the heat – not enough. I thought the teacher was over-compensating and turning on the fans and opening the windows too much. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who goes to Bikram and cools down.

I just put away my down comforter a couple of weeks ago.  But I think even I may turn on the A/C tonight, mostly because I worry that my units just feel useless and unwanted and I certainly don’t want any of my inanimate objects to feel let down. I have enough living and breathing people in my life who feel that way.

So while I love the steamy, sultry, swamp-like weather, I get that most people don’t.  And so for all of you out there, here’s your theme song: “City Too Hot” by the legendary Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.


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