My Name Is Margaux And I’m A….

13 Jul

I think if you were to ask most people what some of their guilty pleasure songs were, you’d get answers like some cheesy boy band or maybe some current dance schlock.  Or even Justin Beiber.  What’s weird about me is that some artists that I myself classify as ‘guilty pleasures’ really shouldn’t be.  But for some reason – maybe it’s musical pushback from my friends  or who knows what –  they end up in the ‘guilty pleasure’ pile.

WTF?  Why am I yielding to peer pressure in this one teensy area of my life when I don’t do it anywhere else?

And so I am outing myself today:

I am a Jimmy Eat World fan.

Especially their 2001 album, ‘Bleed American’ where over half the songs would be in serious contention for some Desert Island Songs List if I had one.  I’m not even sure why anyone wouldn’t think they’re completely awesome.  They had a bunch of success with this record so obviously I’m hardly the only one who gets sucked in by their rockin’ hooks.  But I don’t think people in 2011 appreciate them.

It’s been pretty had to decide which track to post here today.  In fact, I’ve been mentally debating this on and off all day which is today’s excuse for posting so late.  Finally “Sweetness” won, but man am I bruised from all the intense internal debating.  For real, to me, ‘Bleed American’ is more like a greatest hits type album than a regular ole release.  Wait, I’m questioning my choice again.  I’ll give you the title track, “Bleed American” too.

I have to post this quickly before I start fighting with myself – again.


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