Living in America

3 Jul

Available at Kmart

Happy Fourth of July Eve….or as I like to call it, July 3rd.  I had all intentions of posting yesterday but here’s what happened.

I got involved in watching the original “Gidget” film starring Sandra Dee and it wasn’t over till after midnight, so a July 2nd post was not to be.  “Gidget” is a mighty piece of American awesomeness and if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.  It’s as good/bad as you’d think, but Sandra Dee is so darn adorable that it’s hard not to love it.

The surfing is so fake.  I was also obsessed with trying to figure out why they’d always be surfing in a location that had a massive amount of rocks and trying to fathom how Gidget could get caught in the kelp to the point of almost dying (twice!), but I guess this isn’t the type of movie in which I should expect plausibility.

Today I finally went to see the utterly beautiful, majestic Terrence Malick movie, “Tree of Life,” and every time they showed the underwater scenes of kelp flowing in the sea I thought of Gidget.  Terrence Malick is my favorite director and I feel like I owe him a public apology for that, but this is just one of the many instances when I wish I had more control over my thoughts.  (Although it would be amazing – or as Gidget would say, ‘the ultimate!’ –  if that’s what he thought of too when he chose the kelp scenes….)
After the film, I went to Kmart.  I’m pretty in love with Target, as I’m sure most people are, but they didn’t have the Rit Dye that I so urgently needed.  And though Kmart makes my skin crawl, they did have the dye in stock.  Thank goodness I’m living in America this weekend – as opposed to NYC – and was able to visit both.
 And this brings me to today’s song:  “Living in America” by the one, the only, James Brown.  It was from “Rocky IV,” and you know you don’t get more American than the Rocky franchise.  So Happy July 4th Eve.  Please download the song above, but check out the video below too.  I can’t embed it, but it’s worth a jump over to YouTube.  It’s kind of priceless.
(P.S.  Not sure why I can’t format these paragraphs correctly today.  I’m not on my computer, but still…apologies.)

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