Cruel Sun

27 May

Happy start of the Memorial Day holiday!  Well for some people.  Not for me.  I’m sure I’ll still be working till well after the sun sets.  This is why today’s song is the fabulous Sparklehorse’s “Cruel Sun.”  It’s cruel for me since I can see the glorious day from the window, so close and yet so far.

This song is just one great track from the album “Good Morning Spider” which came out after Mr. Sparklehorse,  Mark Linkous, overdosed, nearly died, and then had to spend 6 months in a wheelchair recuperating.  Maybe his reasons for writing “Cruel Sun” were a little more important than mine are for posting it.   To further the sad story, years later, he committed suicide – by shooting himself in the heart.  Ouch.

When you put my dreaming of the outdoors in any sort of context with his story, it’s obviously mighty trite.  However,  I do solemnly promise that if I’m able to get outside soon, I will be thankful and appreciate everything.  I didn’t post yesterday’s song for no reason.


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