Margaux, R.I.P.

9 May

Illustration by Howard Margulies

Today is the 119th anniversary of my, um, Margaux’s death – and the 118th anniversary of my, um her ghost doing its once a year visit.

Don’t believe me?  I certainly don’t say this lightly.  I have proof right here:   “Margaux (The 9th of May)” by The Browns.  Please, download now.  It’s the least you can do for my reincarnated self, um, my namesake.  You’ll hear how the grisly death occurred on what should have been a very happy wedding day.  I have to admit, I kind of like that.  It’s such a romantic tragedy.

In between the death, in 1892,  and the present, there existed a little device called an answering machine.  And for eons,  the song’s refrain – “Margaux…Margaux…Margaux’s gone away” (beep) –  was my outgoing message.  It was so perfect – and this perfection made it obvious my, um, her death wasn’t in vain.

Of course I love this song.  But I think you will too.  And a huge thanks to Howard Margulies for his utterly fantastic illustration commemorating this all-important date, the 9th of May.


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