Evil Scurvy Love

27 Apr

I’m a sucker for pop music, as you may have noticed.  There are a some artists along the way that I’ve adored who, for one reason or another, are totally overlooked by 99% of the population.  And I’m talking about the Pop Music Lovers population!  Weird.

Jonny Polonsky is one of those guys.  He’s a power pop singer who got a record deal in the mid-90s when one of the demo tapes he had sent around landed in the lap of The Pixies’ Frank Black.  No surprise that Frank had good taste, so he took Mr. Polonsky under his wing, did some demos with him and got him a manager.  Although a record deal materialized, the label was having problems of its own and the release just languished.  A couple more came out elsewhere over the years, but nothing has really made a dent.

I stumbled on the first record back when it came out and was kind of smitten from the moment I heard it.  I love “Evil Scurvy Love” and even though it’s not his most hit-single-y song on the record, it’s always the one I go to first.  Probably because I’ve never been one to resist evil scurvy love.  Enjoy!


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