It Was So Sublime

23 Apr

If any of you read my “real” blog, you may remember the story about hash brownies at a YoYo Ma concert.  “Real blog” is in quotes because although I consider it to be just that, I’m horribly, woefully behind in writing it.  Sigh.

Anyway, I went to that show with a person who remains one of the loveliest, most treasured people from my past and of course someone about whom I have tons of guilt and conflict.  I don’t think of him all that often, but I’m going through my CDs now, trying to decide which I rip before I get rid of them (yay!), and I came across one by The Ocean Blue.

Incidentally, this does not mean I am actually up to the “O”s in my endeavor, unfortunately, since I am just grabbing arbitrary handfuls… But I had forgotten about The Ocean Blue!   They were from Hershey, PA, which always surprised me and I still believe they were secretly British.  Plus it didn’t hurt that my second favorite man in the music biz, Seymour Stein, signed them to Sire which gave them instant cred.

But, since I didn’t discover any of this till much later when the song, “Sublime” was on a mixtape that was given to me by you-know-who, I still thought of him instantly when I pulled out the disc.  I love the jangly positivity of this song.   I guess you could call it twee or something, but I never would.  Baby, I know you don’t read this, but if you did, I would tell you it goes out to you.  And then I’d ask you to help me with some manual labor.  Some things never change.

For everyone else, the only bit of labor I’m asking for you to do is right-click download, here.


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