A Beggar for Your Kisses

6 Apr

I know Margauxville hasn’t explored it yet, but I’m a ridiculously big fan of Atlantic Records.  Not now of course (duh), but THE Atlantic Records.  The music that came out on that label has been with me for as long as I can remember.

I even went to Nesuhi Ertegun‘s funeral.  I still haven’t accepted that my beloved Ahmet is dead, so we won’t talk about that, but I will tell you that he kissed my hand (right one) about 12 years ago – and I still haven’t washed it.

Not that a little hygiene issue should make you think there’s any correlation to the beautiful song for today, “A Beggar for Your Kisses” by The Diamonds.  Such gorgeousness, such yearning:  “Now I don’t ask for all of your love, just a little insignificant bit would do…”  Gets me every time.

The Diamonds came and went and never really made an impact on the charts or anything, but no matter.  As usual, my men at Atlantic could spot talent.

I just made you a little copy from a record.  The vinyl noise makes it even better.  Go on, listen.


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