Love and Death

30 Mar

30 years ago today John Hinckley, Jr. shot President Reagan to impress Jodie Foster.  He wrote her this letter before doing so:

Over the past seven months I’ve left you dozens of poems, letters and love messages in the faint hope that you could develop an interest in me. Although we talked on the phone a couple of times I never had the nerve to simply approach you and introduce myself. […] the reason I’m going ahead with this attempt now is because I cannot wait any longer to impress you.

He called it “the greatest love offering in the history of the world.”  I can’t stop wondering what he felt when he found out she was gay.  I mean, that’s got to have affected him, no?

I’ve been thinking about other murder stories today.  Here’s one of my favorites – because YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

Years ago, a man named Auburn Hare was born in Arkansas.  Even though I love that name, he preferred to go under the name Pat Hare.  Go figure.  Anyway, he was a crazy good blues guitarist and played on a ton of early Sun Records blues releases.

In 1954, he recorded “I’m Gonna Murder My Baby” and 8 years later he delivered his promise.  And then he murdered the cop who investigated the killing.   I mean if he didn’t want to get caught, he shouldn’t have recorded the song, right?  Of course his friends described him as a quiet, unassuming man.  Some things never change.

You can download the prophecy right here.

I posted the song to impress Jodie Foster.  Does anyone have her email address so I can send it to her?  Jeez, don’t get all wigged out!  It’s just a little love offering.


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