13 Jan

A couple of months ago I had a free day in LA and decided to spend it at LACMA.  I had nearly arrived when all of a sudden this amazing song came on NPR.  I’ve since referred to this as “the moment that changed my life.”

First there was the VOICE.  And then the crazy Thai girl background singers.  And, to top it off, it was a cover of “Paint It Black.”  How had I not heard this before???  I had to pull over and wait for about 20 minutes until they finally announced who it was:  Soy Cowboy.  For those of you sex vacationers, you’ll recognize that as a play on Soi Cowboy, an area in Bangkok which you’ve probably frequented often.

Anyway, I became obsessed.  It turned out I couldn’t buy this song anywhere.  Anyone who knows me could predict what happened next:  I stalked the Cowboy.  Apparently the Rolling Stones wouldn’t let him release the song, which is something I don’t quite understand, and I can’t divulge how I got it or from whom, but this holy grail of Thai-Western covers of “Paint It Black” has been located and you are the lucky recipients.

There’s a ton of interesting tidbits that I learned from my new friend.  A young Tarsem directed his very first music video for a different Soy Cowboy song back in 1990.  And all the “Silent Hill” video game singing and music is done by my hero as well.  Plus I got a Soy Cowboy tee shirt which I wear night and day.

Oh, I did arrive at LACMA but by that point was so distracted (and life changed), that I didn’t even feel like being there.  Change your life here.


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