10 Jan

Once upon a time, many years ago in the early to mid ’80s, there was a little record store at 99 Macdougal Street in New York City.  This little record store wasn’t content with just selling records, so it decided to form a label and put out music of its own.  It called itself 99 Records and some of the most defining sounds of that era came out under its name.   (Liquid Liquid, ESG, Bush Tetras, Glenn Branca to name a few.)

And one magical day, 99 Records released “Stretch” from a UK band called Maximum Joy.   Yeah yeah yeah,  it has white guy rap which sounds dated now, but it’s infectious and fun and has those Pop Group-like post-punk-funk tones I love.  But more importantly, “Stretch” has the best scream in all of music history.   I know them’s fighting words, but  I’m not backing down.  Download here and see if you agree.

Now I’m going to make just the scream portion my ring tone.  And then I’m going to call myself constantly.


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