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25 Jan

The Oscar nominations announced today were pretty surprising in many, many cases.  Had I been writing this blog on the day the nominations for the films of 1967 were announced, I would have written that very same sentence.  I bet you thought I was going to say that.

Back then Sidney Potier didn’t get nominated for his amazing turn in ‘In the Heat of the Night,’ nor for his performance ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.’  And he was also shut out for his role in ‘To Sir, With Love.’  All three of these films were released in 1967.   And that title track, one of the best songs ever, didn’t get nominated for Best Song either.  Unbelievable!  Crazily, neither did “Mrs. Robinson” from The Graduate.

In lieu of an Academy Award – which is what “To Sir With Love” should have won – the song by the lovely Lulu is now downloadable on Margauxville.

And still “Mrs. Robinson” is shut out….sorry, guys.


A law I can get behind

8 Jan

31 films.  That’s how many Elvis acted in.  And I’ve seen every one of them.   While there are better films (King Creole and Jailhouse Rock to name two), I have a soft spot for Girl Happy.  And part of the reason is because of the song “Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.”  It could be – and probably is – a song that many could make fun of, but there is something about it that gets in my head and stays there for the entire length of spring break.

Seriously, who can’t get behind lyrics like these:

Any male in Fort Lauderdale

who is not pursuing a cute female

will automatically land in jail.

That’s the law in Fort Lauderdale.

So, happy 76th birthday, Elvis.  I know you’re still alive and celebrating.  I’m sure you’d be cool with me sharing the download here.


“And then…complete silence. Everything that lives is still.”

4 Jan

There was a solar eclipse today.  You may not have realized it because it wasn’t visible everywhere.  And although it wasn’t a total eclipse (of the heart or otherwise), it did get me thinking about the film “Werkmeister Harmonies” by the brilliant Hungarian director, Béla Tarr.

There are only 39 shots in the entire movie!  And most of them take place in a circus, around a huge whale carcass.  Oh and the circus is in the middle of a frost-ridden expanse.   Those nutty Hungarians.  If you’re a fan of gorgeous black-and-white languidness that leads right up to absolute dread,  you should definitely check it out.

One of the things which make this film so magical is the pure beauty of the soundtrack.  It’s by a composer named Mihály Víg and I’ve been unsuccessfully been trying to get the recording for years.  If anyone is going to Hungary….I will officially be your best friend if you track it down.  I’m not kidding.

I do own one track.  I have no idea of its name, but it’s haunting.  Do yourself a favor and download/listen here.

But back to that eclipse.  Here’s one of the finest moments in cinematic history.  I’m still not kidding.  But be in the mood for ten minutes of poetry, not action.